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Ron Elfenbein vs. John Astle
Profession Physician and small business owner. 28 year incumbent professional politician.
Jobs Will create jobs and make job creation a priority. Please see solutions page for more information (We need to change our attitude towards jobs/business and stop chasing them out of our state). Policies have cost us 3,000 small businesses and put over 240,000 Marylanders out of work.
Taxes Signed no new tax pledge. I will repeal largest tax increase in history of this state. In last 15 years alone voted 91 times to raise taxes almost $2 BILLION/year and was the deciding vote which allowed the largest tax increase in history to go through.
Illegal Immigrants End sanctuary policies. No drivers licenses or in-state college tuition to illegals. Voted to give in-state college tuition and drivers licenses to illegals and voted to maintain sanctuary status of Maryland.
Budget Cut spending and roll the budget back to 2008 levels. Implement PAY AS YOU GO-any new legislation must have an identified funding source. Increased the budget over 120% in the past 15 years and has voted for every irresponsible budget.
Spending Cut spending across board EXCEPT in emergency services, promised obligations and education (with some money left over to be used as legislature sees fit). Increased spending almost $18 BILLION in the past 15 years.
Education Will vote to fully fund Thornton (for which the legislature never identified a source of revenue) and has, in fact, identified a funding source moving forward. Will vote to cut spending on Education (Thornton funding formula) as he stated in the Capital interview on October 12, 2010.
Public Safety Make AAMC a cardiac center, re-open State Police Barracks in Annapolis. Helped block AAMC from becoming a cardiac surgery center. Did not stand up for our community residents as he allowed the State Police Barracks in Annapolis to close.
Ethics Establish independent commission with subpoena power. Supported a bill to make it more difficult to obtain voting record of legislators.
Politics Establish term limits for legislators and committee chairmen. Has served 28 years in the legislature.
Traffic Support REAL solutions to fixing this-like removing EZ Pass tax and installing high speed EZ pass lanes. Supported becoming the ONLY state in the US to tax EZ Pass.

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Authority: Friends of Ron Elfenbein, Richard Payne Treasurer